About Black Duck Moments

Why black ducks? Well, let's just say that a long time ago in a far-away land, white ducks were everywhere. In the lakes, in the rivers, in the streams. Everyone assumed all ducks were white. Then, one day, a sharp-eyed peasant saw a black duck!  Paradigm shift!

Not all ducks are white...

Yet, when it comes to our pain and suffering, our addictions, and our obsessive and depressive thoughts, it seems as if all our ducks are white. Hopelessness and despair fill our hearts and blind us to all the ways we may grow and change and thrive despite our pain. We become trapped in the propaganda of our minds and tell ourselves that we will never lead lives filled with meaning and purpose.

If we can practice gratefulness and self-compassion, if we can accept what we cannot change and have the courage to change those things we can... then we can open our hearts and find our black ducks. We can find them in the sky if we stop to enjoy the clouds as they glide overhead. We can enjoy black ducks in smiles and laughter. We can find them in a riveting book or movie. They appear to us with a hug and the squeeze of a hand.


Black ducks are everywhere if we choose to see them, and we can make black duck moments happen through our willingness to move a muscle and change a thought.

If you are willing to be a farmer for even a few frightened ducklings, I want to help you raise them to be a brace of invincible ducks. This my invitation to you to join our Black Duck Farm community where you can share your black duck moments with positive, understanding fellow farmers and find the support you need when your white ducks seem overwhelming.

See you on the farm!