If you're ready to get your hands dirty, I want to help you become a black duck farmer. I wrote Find Your Black Ducks and I'm offering it to you free (in return for your email) because I know it takes skills and motivation to transform your life. On a daily basis for 14 days, I will accompany you on a journey to face the white ducks of suffering so that we may begin to find the happy and healthy black ducks of gratitude, compassion, and acceptance. Each day provides a few thoughts to chew on and some questions to answer. Do this work and it may not may your pain go away, but it will help you to discover the black ducks all around you...

I'll check in with you by email along the way, just in case you need a bit more encouragement. At the end of two weeks, I'm betting you'll feel so comfortable on Black Duck Farm that you'll never want to leave it!