Black Duck Moments For Recovery

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What Our Farmers are Saying

What BDMs mean to me….they are gifts from the universe that come when my heart is open to receive them. It’s a feel good moment that connects me to my higher power. A moment that is full of love and awareness.
— Dena L.
To me, a Black Duck Moment is a little ray of sunshine that comes into your life just when you least expect it and often need it most. It makes you smile, lights up your eyes, touches your heart, or makes you think “yes” this is a wonderful world after all and I am blessed to be a part of it all.
— Carol B.
“BDM’s mean peace and serenity that becomes a lifeline for me when I need it the most! It’s a moment in time that allows me to be grateful for all I do have....a moment that helps me experience all the positives around me...a true blessing!”
— Bernice S.

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